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National heritage

The Head of State congratulated the scientists on conferring high ranks, noting that they had come a long way before overcoming these professional standards

Every invention of Belarusian scientists becomes part of the national heritage. This was stated by the President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko at a ceremony to award Doctor of Sciences diplomas and professor certificates to scientific and pedagogical workers.

“In our country, people of science enjoy great respect and support from the state. You know how much effort and money have been invested to preserve the continuity of scientific schools and achievements of past times, to create the conditions for the development of modern science… We do have something to be proud of. Everyone who visited the Intellectual Belarus science and technology exhibition made sure of this. 
Nevertheless, you, scientists, understand more than anyone that in science there is no time to rest on your laurels and there is no time to revel in your successes. Especially today, when our country confronts unprecedented political challenges, all of us, and science in the first place, must look only forward, and do it both for the benefit of people and in the name of creation. In other words, all your innovations should contribute to the development of culture, strengthen the economic power of the state and ensure our national security,” the Belarusian leader said.
The Head of State presented Doctor of Sciences diplomas to eight scientists. Among them was Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Dmitry Karpinsky. He got the scientific degree for establishing the properties of multiferroics based on bismuth ferrite, the use of which will make it possible to create new functional materials for electromagnetic field sensors, devices for energy storage and collection.
The degree of Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences was also awarded to Viktor Kisel for his work in the area of laser materials. They have already been introduced into batch production at Peleng and are used in complex optoelectronic devices and systems for range measurement and tracking of moving objects.
Doctor of Technical Sciences Yury Krivoguz was awarded the scientific degree for the development of scientific principles of forming polymer composite materials on the basis of polymer mixtures of different polarity and creation of domestic competitive materials based on mixtures of structural thermoplastics and modified polyolefins which are used at the enterprises of Belarus, Russia and China.
The Doctor of Medical Sciences diploma was awarded to Larisa Parkhomenko. She developed a new method of chemoradiation treatment of locally spreading cancer of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity, tongue, pharynx and larynx.
Stepan Temushev was awarded the degree of Doctor of Historical Sciences for the development of a new area in Belarusian historiography associated with the formation of state finances in ancient Russia and the definition of their role in the major events of the Middle Ages in the East Slavic region.

Aleksandr Trofimuk was awarded a diploma of Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences for the development of the theory of numerical invariants of partially soluble groups and the theory of factorisable groups. The results have been used in the development of a software for the GAP computer algebra system and are considered promising for use in computer science and cryptography.
An academic degree of Doctor of Philological Sciences was awarded to Svetlana Kharitonova for the scientific and theoretical substantiation of the concept of system formation of children’s mass media, the formation of their visual and semantic structure and the realisation of educational potential, which contributes to the development of journalism and media communication for children.
Vladislav Khrustalev was awarded a diploma of Doctor of Biological Sciences for the development of a new system for classifying the elements of the secondary structure of proteins and a method for assessing their stability, designing and testing of vaccine peptides against influenza virus, human immunodeficiency virus, prion diseases, which makes it possible to increase the efficiency of the synthesis of peptide vaccines.
Then the President presented professor’s certificates. The communication of the Head of State with scientists continued in an informal setting over tea. They discussed their developments and the direction in which domestic science should develop in general. The Head of State aims the leadership of the scientific sphere at practice-oriented topics: from military sciences and security to civilian life. 
We need to act promptly, Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed, 
“We need to use this time, because tomorrow it will be too late. Tomorrow the world will calm down again and will rest on its laurels, on the achievements that you have received to date. The world will be different. Therefore, we need to seize the moment. If we succeed in harnessing this opportunity, we will reap the benefits. This is the basis of our independence.”
The Head of State stressed that the long-term efforts invested in the development of the agricultural industry are yielding results. This is evidenced by Belarus’ farm export numbers, “Oil does not yield as much as agriculture. Oil has plummeted. Meanwhile, food exports hit $8.3 billion.”
Aleksandr Lukashenko also noted that the world’s population is growing and additional volumes of food will be required. Therefore, the agricultural sector is a very promising area.
One of the participants of the event was the Head of the 1st Group of the Research Laboratory of the Military Academy Pavel Chernyavsky. He said that his scientific work is connected with the first information unit of the Belarusian Armed Forces — the company of information technologies which is unmatched. He recalled when visiting the Military Academy in 2019, the Head of State stated the need to develop information technologies and keep the unit — the IT company. 
“We, Belarusian scientists, are ready to implement the most complex technological solutions, scale up the results of our research and guarantee the successful implementation of the scientific tasks at the national and, if necessary, international level to preserve the peace on our Belarusian land. We work daily to make the whole world talk about our achievements,” Pavel Chernyavsky assured.
The specialist is convinced of the huge intellectual potential of the country, “Intelligence is our main weapon. In terms of this type of weapon, Belarus is one step ahead of other states.”
He stressed that the IT company is one of the advanced units. According to him, those who want to get there are thoroughly interviewed. Only best students make it to the company to implement the most complex technical solutions for the country.
“You were right to say that we need to attract the best people. 
People in uniform are disciplined, loyal and reliable. No matter how hard they try to destabilise us, invest money and so on, you work very persistently in this regard. We need to bolster this company. The product should be modern and necessary for the country,” the President agreed.
Speaking about the development of IT technologies in the country, the Head of State mentioned the creation of the High Technology Park and noted that ‘certain people ran abroad’ not so long ago.

“I don’t judge them. The United Sates and others targeted our IT sector with an aim of slowing it down, imposed sanctions. Well, what choice did they [Belarusian IT specialists] have [in the conditions of sanctions]? Some left, some returned. Some travelled around the world and decided in favour of Belarus. Belarusians are a special breed: few of them can live abroad and be happy… Well, they left but the IT sector did not collapse. On the contrary, it presses forward. Those who left... Well, their place was taken by others,” the President emphasised. 
Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed that in addition to HTP, many large domestic enterprises, the Academy of Sciences have been working on information technologies. Moreover, they create a full-fledged finished product, but not a part of the software for foreign companies.
A tour of the Palace of Independence and a new art exposition called 
UMiraTvorenie (Sense of Peace), located within the walls of the symbol of the Belarusian statehood was also pleasant bonus for the participants of the event. The author of the presented paintings is the domestic artist Mikhail Krot. The beauty of the Belarusian nature served as a source of inspiration for their creation.

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