Posted: 21.03.2023 16:22:00

N. Korea simulated nuclear counterattack against the US, S. Korea

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un watched the exercises simulating a nuclear counterattack against the United States and South Korea which were held as a warning to allies who are scaling up their joint military exercises, Reuters reports


North Korea fired short-range missiles from a subsurface mine. According to analysts, this will help to increase the speed and stability during future tests of intercontinental ballistic missiles.

The country’s drills aimed to increase its ‘war deterrence and nuclear counterattack potential’, accusing Washington and Seoul of ‘an obvious attempt to unleash a war’ against N. Korea.

“The exercises were also aimed at demonstrating our tougher will for a real response to the war and sending a stronger warning to the enemy, which is expanding its military exercises for aggression," the DPRK said.

A North Korean ballistic missile with a mock nuclear warhead covered 800km and hit the target according to the scenario of a tactical nuclear attack. Kim Jong Un attended the tests together with his little daughter.