Posted: 15.01.2024 14:19:00

N. Korea says it has tested solid-fuel hypersonic missile

According to state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), North Korea tested a new solid-fuel hypersonic missile with intermediate range on January 14th, with the launch being condemned by the US, South Korea and Japan, Reuters reports


The launch was aimed at testing the reliability of new multi-stage, high-thrust solid-fuel engines and an intermediate-range hypersonic manoeuvrable controlled warhead, KCNA reported, saying the test did not pose a threat to the security of neighbouring countries.

“The South Korean military in a statement criticised the launch as a violation of UN Security Council resolutions and said there would be a ‘stunning response’ to the North’s direct provocations,” the publication reads.

The ballistic missile launch, the first this year, was condemned by the nuclear officials of South Korea, the United States and Japan, who said in a three-way phone call that North Korea’s provocations were the main cause of instability in the region.

In a separate KCNA commentary on January 15th, North Korea accused Seoul of escalating tensions in the region with military drills and armament calls by South Korean officials.