Posted: 25.08.2022 16:27:00

Myasnikovich announced new project at youth forum in Kyrgyzstan as part of EEC

To create a communication channel within the framework of the Eurasian Economic Commission, it is planned to create the so-called ‘one stop service’, enabling us to promptly consider the appeals of young people – as stated by Mikhail Myasnikovich, the Chairman of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC), after the opening of the CIS and EAEU Youth Forum in Kyrgyzstan, which brings together over 500 delegates from Belarus, Russia, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan

“We pin great hopes on this forum. In all countries of our Eurasian Economic Union, young people are increasingly determining the main directions of economic, cultural and social policy. To create a communication channel, we plan to create a so-called ‘one stop service’ in the Eurasian Economic Commission for prompt consideration of youth applications, support for young entrepreneurs, specialists, and students. Therefore, I urge you to apply, we will be happy to work with initiatives and provide all possible assistance in their implementation. Moreover, if necessary, we could organise internships for young EAEU students at the EEC,” said Mr. Myasnikovich.

The speaker drew attention to the fact that the EAEU heads of state signed a strategy until 2025, which defines the main directions of development.

“A lot is being done in terms of youth direction, including the Work without Borders programme as it is important for young people to be in demand where they are interested. They want to be able to find a decent job with a good salary, but most importantly – a job they enjoy. There are already a lot of resumes and vacancies: this is how we involve young people in active labour activity across popular areas.”

Mikhail Myasnikovich clarified that startups sometimes ask what projects can be most useful and prestigious.

“Of course, these are projects of the fifth and sixth technological order: microelectronics, biotechnologies, modern computer technologies. I think there is a lot of work ahead. Youth must be dealt with, and not only with appeals, but with concrete deeds. After all, investing in youth is an investment in the future,” underlined the Chairman of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission.