Posted: 11.10.2022 12:28:00

MP explains what Ukraine is guided by in its desire to join NATO

The North Atlantic Alliance has neither possibility, nor desire to take the initiative and unleash a world war – as stated by a deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus, Aleksandr Markevich


While commenting on Ukraine's failed attempt to join NATO, the parliamentarian stressed that the rejection of Ukraine's application for NATO membership is not the first set-up of the West towards the country. Mr. Markevich recalled Ukraine’s attempts to join the European Union, “When applying to NATO, Ukraine pursued several goals. Zelenskyy primarily wanted to intercept the information agenda from Russia, which has grown into four new subjects.”

The MP called NATO's reaction predictable and understandable. “The European establishment, Americans and their population are not ready to fight in Ukraine. There is no possibility and desire to take the initiative and unleash a world war," he explained.