Posted: 07.12.2022 13:12:00

MP: whole world has to suffer while the US is solving its problems

Children are dying of hunger in Africa, and the UN is thinking about LGBT rights. There will soon be no light and water in Ukraine, but the whole world has to endure this while Americans are solving their problems. A deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus, Oleg Gaidukevich, shared his thoughts in a talk with Alfa Radio.

The parliamentarian noted that the food crisis will continue, and no one will stop it, “This winter will pass, and next year will be very difficult in terms of food security – since supply chains have been disrupted, and there is already a serious breakdown due to sanctions. Prices have skyrocketed, and the poorest countries – which have already been starving and receiving [food] on a residual basis – will face the worst situation. What for is this being done? The whole world has to suffer for the United States to resolve its issues in Ukraine.”

Mr. Gaidukevich added that a struggle for Europe is in full swing in the US, “It is beneficial for America that Europe falls apart. The whole world should starve so that Americans do not lose their influence. Amazingly, all this is done under the slogans of the struggle for freedom, peace, democracy and equality. What kind of equality are we talking about? Children are dying in Africa, but we have to think about LGBT rights. The UN talks about anything, but not about real problems. They want to continue pumping resources out of Africa and the Middle East, from India. Meanwhile, there will soon be no light and water in Ukraine at all.”

The MP drew a parallel with the situation in Belarus, “We will never starve in our country. This is primarily the merit of the Head of State. He began focusing on the agriculture starting from the first days of his presidency. Opinions were voiced then – and they are common at present as well – that this work should not be done, that only the IT sphere and nothing else should be developed, that all production facilities and farms should be stopped (as the radicals suggested to us in 2020). What would we see in a few years as a result? Look at the neighbouring country: there, the economy had been ruined even before the civil war, which began in 2014.”

As noted by Mr. Gaidukevich, Belarus has been developing its agriculture not only for itself: food is among the country’s most important export positions. “Belarusian food is supplied to China, the Middle East and, most importantly, to our ally – Russia. Sales figures are growing from year to year, and the geography of sales markets is expanding. It is very important. Our people sometimes forget about the basic things: to eat, to drink. Actually, there has not been a single year in the history of our country when all this was not provided," the deputy added.