Posted: 20.09.2023 17:46:00

MP: Poles' appetites not ending with Ukraine

There is a well known proverb – friends are OK when they don't get in the way –and it perfectly well characterises the current attitude of Poland towards Ukraine. As people say, any friendship has its limits, so not everything is actually shared even with ‘friends’. Irina Dovgalo, a member of the Standing Committee of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus on Legislation, believes the statement of the Polish President about the impossibility of Ukraine's admission to NATO is a vivid confirmation of that.

The MP stressed: the Polish side asserts that the current armed conflict is a deterrent to Ukraine's entry into the alliance, “But what is important is not what motivates the President of Poland with such a message, but it is necessary to understand the real reason and purpose. Of course, Polish politicians have not openly shared their strong desire to get part of Ukraine again or – even better – the whole of the country.”

Ms. Dovgalo considers it obvious that Poland widely glorified the Ukrainian ‘freedom fighters’ not because of its fervent love for Ukraine and Ukrainians, but solely due to its mercantile motives – to repeat its century-old experience when, after WWI, Poland seized part of Ukraine. “We can recall that, back in the spring of this year, Zelenskyy publicly called the President of Poland his friend, saying that, in the future, there will be no borders between the peoples of Poland and Ukraine, be it political, economic and – what is very important – historical, naively believing in Poland's ‘good intentions’,” she stressed.

However, according to the MP, the appetites of Poles do not end with Ukraine, and their interference in the affairs of a number of sovereign states, including Belarus, leaves no shadow of doubt about the aggressive and hostile policy of Poland. “This is so, and Poland's demands about the need to withdraw PMC Wagner from the territory of our country (which it voiced practically in the form of an ultimatum), the severe aggravation of the migrant issue (and this list can continue) absolutely clearly show the true ‘face’ of Polish politicians. I would like to emphasise that the talk is about the politicians, not about the Polish people who have not only historical and family ties with Belarusians, but also an adequate understanding of what is happening today,” the MP said.

“Belarus is ready to fight back against everyone – all those who dare to impinge upon our sovereignty, who do that, those who encroach on our freedom!” Ms. Dovgyalo stressed.