Posted: 13.02.2023 15:19:00

MP: Belarus will steadily expand its presence in Africa and Middle East

The results of the Belarusian leader’s recent visit to the Middle East and Africa are already obvious: the republic will steadily and purposefully expand its presence on this continent, and this will become a worthy response to enemies, sanctions and any attempts to strangle the country’s economy – as noted by Aleksandr Karpitsky, a member of the Council of the Republic

“Africa is the second continent [in size] on the planet after Eurasia, and – according to forecasts – the population figures well grow there faster than elsewhere. All these people will need food, housing, health services and education. Of course, they are looking for partners who can help in these matters. There is not always only one way, and not all roads are leading to the West. There is a great demand for joint co-operation in various fields – so there will be definitely enough work for diplomats, politicians, journalists, and the real sector,” Mr. Karpitsky stressed.