Posted: 04.12.2023 17:43:00

MP: Belarus, China share similar values and wish the same

The President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, held talks with the Chinese President, Xi Jinping, on December 4th in Beijing, and a deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly, Oleg Gaidukevich, speculated in his talk with Alfa Radio on the two leaders’ meeting and the current situation

As noted by the radio host, Vadim Shepet, the meeting of Aleksandr Lukashenko and Xi Jinping does not correlate with the statements heard outside Belarus about the latter’s alleged isolation. “It is impossible to isolate Belarus. Europe can only isolate itself. As for the meeting in Beijing, it is extremely important. This is not just a business visit. I have drawn attention in the released materials about the meeting to its friendly atmosphere, to the manner the two leaders communicated with each other. That was not a protocol meeting. It is obvious that the men who are friends and who respect each other met. Actually, the way they communicate with each other is also very important. They are close in spirit, in values. On the contrary, we do not need the values of Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia," the MP noted.

Mr. Gaidukevich drew attention to the role that Belarus plays for China, “Belarus is perceived in China as an important regional player, as an independent country, on which not only regional security, but also the future of the economy of the entire European continent depends. We stand for honesty and justice, and this is something that is close to China. Both China and Belarus stand for a multipolar, just world.”

The MP added that each meeting of the Belarusian leader ends with the signing of documents and the adoption of agreements that will definitely be implemented. “The meetings of our Head of State always have a significant practical component, which is aimed at developing the country’s economy, at solving and launching specific projects. Moreover, China and Belarus are now engaged into the solution of many issues together – including in agriculture, industry, and investment. In short, Belarus closely liaises with China, and that’s good. Everyone wants to work with China. Take Europe, for example: no matter how much it screams about freedom, it still looks for contacts in China and thinks about how to continue working there. After all, today there is no world economy without this country. Everyone wants to work there, and Belarus enjoys authority there,” he said.

The programme host quoted the Head of State as saying that the friendship between Belarus and China is more than 30 years old, and the country has never turned left or right from this path, since it has long decided that it will co-operate, live and be friends with China. As noted by Mr. Shepet, it is the Belarusian leader’s merit.

“Why is the President greeted with respect in the Middle East? Why do many countries have such great respect for our President and country? Lukashenko has never betrayed anyone. He has always kept his word and has been responsible for what he said. We have never betrayed or abandoned any country," Mr. Gaidukevich stated. "When everyone was shying away from China, the President said: let's develop relations with this country. It is the case in all aspects. As for the situation in Ukraine, two years ago, the Head of State said that negotiations were needed, and everyone asserts this now. Meanwhile, the West was silent then. Our leader always tells the truth, and he does not betray. That's why he enjoys such authority in China, and all steps are monitored and analysed there.”

Addressing Aleksandr Lukashenko, Xi Jinping called him a great friend. “It is clear that there is a certain closeness between the heads of state: China is strong, Belarus is strong, and their values largely coincide,” Mr. Gaidukevich said. “We want to live in a world of justice. China does not start wars, and Belarus does not start wars. Wars are unleashed by the United States. We are not going to do the same, and we are now really fighting for peace.”

As Mr. Shepet pointed out, meetings of the kind are an excellent foundation for the future, since they result in an increased level of relationships and the introduction of new mechanisms of work – which are global, strategic and long-term.

“Europe can only offer us that we turn our country into a market for their goods. China can offer us much more," the MP responded. “The whole world is laughing at European sanctions today. Europe does not play a key role in the global economy, because there is no sovereignty there. Meanwhile, over these two-three years, under the pressure of sanctions, we have reoriented not only to China, but also to the Middle East and Africa. Belarus also sells a lot in Russia, which is a huge market. All western companies dream of joining it. In international relations, our President has always put a stake at the economy and the result, rather than at hollow words. This has not just helped our economy withstand the sanctions, but also helps it progress.”