Posted: 03.12.2021 09:52:00

Mozyrsalt exports to 15 countries

The conducted modernisation enables Mozyrsalt JSC to feel confident in foreign markets. 84 percent of its products are exported to fifteen countries, while annual exports exceeding $40m – as informed by Belarus’ Deputy Prime Minister, Aleksandr Subbotin

According to Mr. Subbotin, the company is the country’s single producer of evaporated extra salt. “Mozyrsalt has undergone large-scale reconstruction and modernisation and its annual production of evaporated salt has increased from 360 to 480 thousand tonnes. In 2010, production of salt-nitrite mixture was mastered (360 tonnes) and, by 2021, it increased 94 times – to reach 38,500 tonnes. In addition, 10,000 tonnes of granulated salt are produced annually since 2012,” he said.

Mr. Subbotin added that Mozyrsalt’s annual exports amount to about 430,000 tonnes.