Posted: 09.02.2022 14:09:00

More than 150 journalists to cover Allied Resolve 2022 exercise

On February 10th, the second stage of the inspection of the Union State rapid response forces begins on the territory of our country. The active phase starts with the joint operational exercise of the Armed Forces of Belarus and Russia: Allied Resolve 2022

The official representative of Belarus’ Defence Ministry, Major Inna Gorbacheva, explained at the briefing that during the first stage all events were covered by the military media, but now other accredited reporters will join them, “More than 150 journalists from Belarus, Russia and other states expressed their desire to attend the exercise. For the first time bloggers will also join them. Media representatives will be able to follow the course of the exercise at three training grounds: Gozhsky, Polessky and Obuz-Lesnovsky.”

On February 12th, at the Gozhsky training ground, correspondents will see the conduct of combat in the ambush area by combat guard units with enemy reconnaissance. A spectacular stage will be the conduct of mobile defence with the support of aviation and artillery, the conduct of a counterattack by a combined arms reserve in the enemy’s penetration area.

The next press tour is scheduled for February 15th. At the Polessky training round, the military personnel of the two countries will launch the Tochka tactical missile system, which will launch a group missile attack on two objects of a mock enemy at a distance of up to 70km.

The final stage on February 19th will include activities at the Obuz-Lesnovsky training ground: conducting a defensive battle at a manoeuvrable line of defence, followed by withdrawal from the battle to an operational defensive line, defeating the enemy, conducting a counterattack with a tactical airborne landing behind enemy lines, with the support of aviation and artillery at all stages of defensive combat.

The exercise is absolutely defensive in nature. At the heart of the plan of the inspection and its second stage is one of the possible options for the development of the military-political situation with the aggravation of international contradictions that could lead to the unleashing of aggression against the Union State. The second stage of the inspection will be completed on February 20th, after which the military units and subunits of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will leave the territory of Belarus.