Posted: 23.02.2023 16:34:00

Moldovan Sor Party supporters demand to raise pensions

In Moldova, hundreds of people from among the supporters of the opposition Sor Party have protested near Parliament demanding to raise pensions and accusing the authorities of being unable to cope with growing prices, TASS reports


MP Marina Tauber, the Vice Chairperson of the Sor Party, noted that protesters wanted to draw public attention to the problem of pensions. “Pensioners’ quality of life is low, and an adequate indexation of pensions is needed – as well as an increase that was promised by the authorities," she stressed.

As reported by media, people were chanting: ‘We demand normal pensions’, ‘Down with [President] Maia Sandu’, ‘We are the nation’.

Protest campaigns began in Moldova last summer – against the background of rising prices and record inflation over the past 20 years.