Posted: 21.02.2024 17:27:59

Minsk Watch Plant announced release of Mova-2024 watch collection on International Mother Language Day

Minsk Watch Plant, widely known by its brand Luch, announced the upcoming start of sales of the limited wristwatch collection Mova-2024 on the occasion of International Mother Language Day celebrated on February 21st


“The collection is dedicated to the combinations of letters ‘zhy’ [жы] and ‘shy’ [шы] in the Belarusian language. The unisex watches have a diameter of 31.4mm and 37.6mm. The dial is made of cupronickel with a matte finish. The numbering on the dial is done in Belarusian script. The case, which houses the Luch 1801.1H mechanism, is made of stainless steel, the strap is made of genuine leather,” the enterprise informed.

For now, the manufacturer offers to purchase only certificates for the ‘Belarusian-language’ watches - the main start of sales is scheduled for March 11th.


International Mother Language Day is celebrated in Belarus, as in the rest of the world, on February 21st. It was approved by the UNESCO General Conference in November 1999. For Belarusians, the native language is one of the important components of the nation's cultural code and patriotic education. It acts not only as a means of communication and the main element of culture, but also as a symbol of national self-awareness, the foundation of identification and historical memory.