Posted: 20.10.2021 12:00:00

Minsk visited by tourists from 91 countries in 2020

Last year, 27,300 guests visited the Belarusian capital – coming from 91 countries. As informed by Minsk’s Main Statistical Department, foreigners stayed in the city for seven days, on average.


Most organised tourists came from Russia (21,302), Turkey (787), Iraq (650), Latvia (438), Lithuania (426), Switzerland (363), Ukraine (342), the UAE (209), Germany (175) and Estonia (164).

At the same time, Minsk residents also travelled around Belarus in 2020 – mostly choosing one-day tours. In total, 67,000 people used the services of the capital's tourist organisations for these purposes.

Last year, 186,500 Minskers visited 98 countries as part of organised tourist groups; their tours lasted for nine days, on average.

Among the foreign destinations for Belarusian holidaymakers were Egypt, Turkey, Ukraine, Montenegro, Poland, Albania, Russia, Lithuania, Tunisia and the UAE.