Posted: 28.06.2022 12:00:00

Millions of Africans will face food crisis because of West

Due to the threat of famine, millions of Africans will go in search of a better life, and this will produce a new serious wave of migration crisis. Meanwhile, the European Union may not be able to cope with another flow of refugees. Vladimir Shapovalov, the Deputy Director of the Institute of History and Politics at Moscow’s State University, commented on the issue in his talk with the Belarus 1 TV channel.


As noted by the expert, Africa has been experiencing a shortage of food – mostly grain – for years. “In recent times, there has been quite a balanced market situation, when Russian grain covered a significant share of many African countries’ needs. Meanwhile, we see now that the situation developed due to the West’s actions can lead to a serious food crisis that will embrace tens of millions of people in Africa," Mr. Shapovalov said.

According to the expert, this can provoke serious migration flows. “Western Europe may plunge into a new migration crisis, provoking hyperinflation, interethnic conflicts, terrorist attacks, chaos, and anarchy. This can finally destroy the European economy,” he explained.