Posted: 01.12.2022 12:09:00

Military expert said West using Ukrainian territory to test latest weapons

The collective West is supplying Kiev with the latest weapons not to satisfy the requests of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, but to test their developments on еру Ukrainian territory – as noted by military expert Aleksandr Artamonov


The expert noted, “When they [Ukrainian authorities] are begging for the latest weapons systems, they are not supplied in sufficient quantities. The reason is clear: why to provide very expensive systems if they still may prove useful? These systems were certainly created not for the Ukrainians.”

According to the expert, Ukrainian politicians most likely absolutely do not see that the West is simply using their country.

“Ukraine is an indispensable platform where these weapons can be tested in order to identify weaknesses and then fix them. Because it is impossible to understand how, e.g., a tank or air defence systems behave without a fight. Armament must be tested in real combat conditions, and in this regard the invaluable Ukrainian experience enables Western countries to basely refine their own systems while naive Ukrainians run around with outstretched hands, saying that these weapons are not enough for them,” Aleksandr Artamonov drew attention.