Posted: 28.11.2023 15:38:00

Military expert: Belarusian Polonez to reach any unfriendly capital, if necessary

The latest complex of the multiple launch rocket system, Polonez-M, has entered service with the rocket artillery brigade of the Armed Forces of Belarus, and the Missile and Artillery Troops Commander, the Chief of the General Staff’s Missile and Artillery Troops Department of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus, Ruslan Chekhov, shed light on some details in his talk with SB TV

Photo: video screenshot

“This is the second division that has entered into service with the Belarusian army. The complex makes it possible to perform tasks at a range of up to 300km. The first one had a range of 200km, but the modernisation of the first delivery complex is being completed, and it will have the same capabilities as the new one. Polonez is capable of simultaneously hitting eight targets within a radius of 10 square kilometres. In short, it can hit major elements of a serious control point – i.e. of the army level – simultaneously. At the same time, the interference of missile protection has been raised to a serious level in the new complex. The military servicing this complex have been trained accordingly. At the moment, we have two active Polonez divisions with a firing range of 300km in the combat service. The issue of developing new generations of the complex is being worked out, and once they are ready, we will strengthen our operational forces. It is important for the commander of operational troops to have such a serious weapon at their disposal,” Mr. Chekhov said.

Each Polonez missile has its own target in an area of 10 square kilometres, and the military expert explained, “If are focusing on a very serious object, then eight missiles will help break through the air defence system.”

It was noted that, at the moment, any attempts to escalate the situation and militarise territories along the Belarusian borders can lead to Polonez’ demonstration of its ability to reach any hostile capital.

“The countries located along the perimeter of our state and that are not friends with us, should remember: we will reach any of you, if necessary. This is the fulfilment of the task of our Commander-in-Chief. He set us the task of being ready to inflict fire damage in response to any enemy actions, so it is better to stay friends,” Colonel Ruslan Chekhov summed up.