Posted: 15.02.2023 11:42:00

Microelectronics development programme ready in Belarus

The Chairman of the Presidium of Belarus’ National Academy of Sciences, Vladimir Gusakov, informed on the country's new developments


As noted by Mr. Gusakov, much attention is paid in Belarus to microelectronics, “We have developed a concept and then a programme for its development in the country. The programme envisages scientific and industrial focuses. The document was adopted by the Council of Ministers. Within the framework of the programme, a microelectronics cluster has been created, and it unites a range of enterprises and organisations operating in this field.”

According to the Chairman of the Presidium, Belarusian microelectronics developments worthily rival the best world analogues – which is confirmed by the fact that the Minsk Research Institute of Radio Materials has recently signed a $1m contract for the supply of unique devices.

Mr. Gusakov added that there are plenty examples of the kind.