Posted: 15.10.2021 12:28:00

Memorial alleys laid countrywide

In Slutsk, mothers of many children joined representatives of the district authorities and forestry workers to lay an alley of Thuja Ericoides

Twenty-five trees were planted in honour of the district’s mothers of many children. The Slutsk Forestry provided the planting stock.

“This place is very symbolic. A couple of years ago, a park of family trees was planted nearby,” Natalia Bartosh, a mother of many children from Slutsk, explains. “I’m happy to plant a new tree on Belarusian land since I was born in Kazakhstan and came to the Republic only a few years ago, accompanying my husband. I’d like to say that Belarusians are an example of kindness and empathy. Meanwhile, the order and tranquillity in the country could hardly leave any foreigner indifferent. Although I am not a Belarusian, the state supported me as a native: after giving birth to five children, I received a huge support – including food and financial benefits, and also my own house and apartment.”

More than 1,170 large families live in the Slutsk District now, bringing up 3,700 children. About a hundred couples have five or more children.

“The district authorities support such families,” the Chairman of the Slutsk District Executive Committee, Andrei Yanchevsky, explains. “In recent years, housing construction for large families has been in full swing. We met a task of the Head of State – to ensure that a large family should wait for the improvement of their living conditions for no longer than year – two years ago. In 2020, about 230 families moved into new apartments and 320 families have remained on the list.”

On that day, six Slutsk mothers of many children were awarded the Order of Mother. Anastasia Sutyagina was among them. “My husband and I have four sons, while our daughter Lali has become a true present for me. I’m very pleased that the state shared this joy with us – recognising me with the order. The reward is important since raising five children is not a simple task. However, it's nice that there is always support in times when it’s needed: i.e. money to prepare children for a new academic year or a new spacious housing,” the lady smiles.