Posted: 07.10.2022 12:53:00

Media: $2.9bn of South Korean-made weapons to arrive in Ukraine through the Czech Republic

Kiev will receive weapons manufactured in South Korea, worth approximately $2.9bn, and deliveries will be carried out through the Czech Republic at the expense of the United States, TASS reports with reference to the Czech Mladá fronta DNES


According to the publication, Ukraine will receive anti-aircraft missile systems and the necessary ammunition: i.e. the Chiron air defence system (Korean name Shingung), which are used to repel attacks by aircraft flying at low altitudes. It is reported that this supply of weapons will be one of the largest since February 24th.

It is noted that deliveries cannot be carried out directly from South Korea because of Seoul's position on the Ukrainian conflict. In the spring, South Korea officially announced that it would not supply weapons to the country where the fighting is taking place.