Posted: 27.01.2023 14:24:00

Media: US demands Turkiye to stop allowing flights from Russia

The United States authorities are trying to push Turkiye to stop allowing the arrival and maintenance of flights of Russian airlines on American-made aircraft, RIA Novosti reports


The Wall Street Journal publication refers to sources in saying, “Senior American officials warned last month that Turkish individuals are at risk of jail time, fines, loss of export privileges and other measures if they provide services like refuelling and spare parts to US-made planes flying to and from Russia and Belarus in violation of export controls imposed last year.”

It is noted that, in December 2022, Assistant Secretary of Commerce Thea Rozman Kendler informed Turkish officials on Washington's position.

The publication predicts that this situation will show whether America and its allies will be able to succeed in a long-term isolation of Russia, or whether the Russian Federation will continue its economic activity with the support of third countries.

Russian airlines currently service a limited number of foreign destinations due to the Western sanctions. In particular, the European Union has banned the supply of civilian aircraft and spare parts to the Russian Federation, and obliged lessors to terminate contracts with Russian airlines. The ban also applies to aircraft maintenance and insurance, while the EU, the United States, Canada and some other countries have closed the airspace for Russian aircraft.

Rosaviatsia has recommended that Russian airlines with aircraft in foreign registries suspend international flights in order to prevent the arrest or detention of aircraft registered abroad and owned by foreign lessors.