Posted: 14.07.2023 10:14:00

Media: Germany may face water shortage due its coal exit

Germany, which plans to achieve carbon neutrality that is implying an active transition to renewable energy sources, may create negative consequences for Berlin residents, Bloomberg reports


According to the source, residents of the German capital may be left without drinking water as a result of the reduction of coal mining.

" With Berlin already facing less rainfall due to the climate crisis, the end of lignite mining in nearby regions means groundwater pumped out to extract the fossil fuel will no longer feed the Spree. On top of that, old mines are being flooded to create man-made lakes, further draining resources," the publication reads.

It is reported that, in the dry summer months, there may be 50-75 percent less water in the critical artery of the city with a population of 3.6m people. Although Berlin is one of the few large cities with a self-sufficient water supply system, it has historically been relatively arid in Germany.