Posted: 26.05.2023 14:52:00

Mandatory identification of social network users to be introduced in Vietnam

The Deputy Minister of Information and Communications of Vietnam, Nguyen Thanh Lam, has informed that mandatory identification of social network users will be introduced in the country, Dan Tri reports


The official delivered a speech during a hearing in the Legal Affairs Committee of the National Assembly (Parliament), saying that new rules will be established in the country by late 2023 to regulate the use of online information. According to them, users of social networks, including foreign ones (Facebook, YouTube and TikTok) will have to identify themselves. Mr. Lam added that the accounts of those who fail to do this will be blocked.

According to the official, such measures are aimed at preventing violations of Vietnamese laws and fraud using social networks.

Earlier, the Ministry of Information and Communications announced an inspection of the Vietnamese segment of the TikTok service for the placement of prohibited content. The inspection will begin on May 15th. It is informed that TikTok did not respond properly to the warning issued to it earlier about the need to take effective measures to control fake news posted by users, malicious content and political materials related to the ruling Communist Party and the government of the country.

Vietnam ranks sixth in the number of TikTok users: about 49.9m out of 100m citizens of the country have accounts.