Posted: 22.09.2022 17:14:00

Makei: Belarus ready to take all measures to prevent the issue of nationalities from becoming a weapon

Migration, especially in the modern world, is an important element in the formation of national minorities, and Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei stressed that Belarus is a responsible participant in all possible international formats


Speaking at the 77th session of the UN General Assembly, Mr. Makei noted, “The migrants who have chosen Belarus as a place of study, work or residence – there are more than 30,000 of them – feel at home in the country.”

Every citizen of Belarus has the opportunity to preserve their nationality, culture, language or religious identity. In most countries of the world, as in Belarus, the issue of national minorities is mostly the result of neighbourhood. “Meanwhile, neighbours are not chosen – as you know,” Mr. Makei said.

The Foreign Minister stressed that Belarus is happy to welcome representatives of different nations who are ready to participate in the construction and development of independent and prosperous Belarus. “We declare our readiness to continue to take all necessary measures in every possible way to prevent the transformation of issues of nationality, religion and language into weapons of international political conflicts,” he stated.