Posted: 02.06.2023 13:43:00

Macron called on West to provide Ukraine with reliable security guarantees

The North Atlantic Alliance is obliged to prepare reliable guarantees of protection for Ukraine in order to include it in the new security architecture – as noted by French President Emmanuel Macron, TASS reports


At the Globsec Global Security Forum in Bratislava, the French leader said, “We supply a lot of weapons to Ukraine, but we do not include it in any strategic security dialogue. If we want to have weight with Russia, if we want to be reliable towards the Ukrainians, then we must give Ukraine the means to prevent any further aggression and include it in a sustainable security architecture.”

Moreover, Emmanuel Macron said that this issue should be worked out before the summit of the military bloc in Vilnius, which will be held on July 11th-12th.

“We must create something between the security guarantees [the United States] provides to Israel and full membership [in the alliance],” the French President added.

As far as the possible membership of Ukraine in NATO is concerned, according to Emmanuel Macron, it will most likely not be possible to reach a consensus on this issue in Vilnius.