Posted: 08.02.2023 10:22:00

Lutsky: scenarios for escalating military-political situation around our country are not written in Belarus

During the training of state bodies on the premise of the Military Academy of Belarus, Deputy Head of the Belarus President Administration Igor Lutsky explained that this event is being carried out in order to ensure national security; it is an important element of work in order to ensure this security

“It should be noted that the scenarios for escalating the military-political situation around our country are not written in Belarus. We are well aware of these scenarios, and the most important task today is to work out possible development options. As far as the socio-political situation and information work are concerned, these issues will be discussed at one of the sections as part of the training. We know very well the forms and methods of work of our opponents. These were tested in 2020 on the territory of our country. Therefore, today it is only necessary to correct certain actions and mobilise all state bodies to fulfil the tasks of ensuring national security.”

Much depends on the situation inside the country, Igor Lutsky stressed, namely, on how ready the population is to perceive certain unfriendly actions towards our state, as well as our actions in order to protect sovereignty and independence, “Therefore, the work of the ideological vertical, the media is very important at this stage. It has been repeatedly said that the hot war begins with an information war and we get the so-called hybrid war. That’s why, the work of the ideological vertical in the territories, in labour teams will be predetermining in the development of the situation. Without waiting for serious hostilities, the prerequisites for these actions, we need to work with the population. Part of the current training also focuses on these goals.”