Posted: 10.01.2023 19:03:00

Lutsky: projects of Presidential award holders penetrated with traditions and modernity

During today’s ceremony of presenting the Presidential awards, the Deputy Head of the President Administration, Igor Slutsky, got particularly interested in a joint project of the Belarus Segodnya Publishing House and the National Archive of Belarus

“We are probably the only stronghold of the traditions that have been passing down from time immemorial by our people, and the Presidential awards and their nominees confirm this. I am very happy for everyone, and especially for my colleagues from the Belarus Segodnya Publishing House,” Mr. Lutsky said while looking at the photos of Belarusian partisans.

“The Partisans of Belarus project is a worthy work aimed at perpetuation of the memory of our heroes. Meanwhile, we are speaking not only about the war, but also about life – the one that we are building. The depth of traditions and modernity are obvious here,” he added.