Posted: 11.02.2022 13:11:00

Lutsky: only patriotic people able to preserve sovereignty of the country

At the recent collegium of the Culture Ministry, Deputy Head of the Belarus President Administration, Igor Lutsky, paid special attention to the fact that all candidates for career advancement, state awards or incentives, alongside professional competence, must have an impeccable character and a strong civic position while ensuring healthy employee morale in the teams entrusted to them

“Only patriotic people can preserve the sovereignty and independence of the country. You see how the situation is being escalated along the outer contours. Even for me – a person who has been working in the information sphere for more than a dozen years – this pressure is unpleasant. No one intimidates anyone, but if we do not instil a sense of responsibility, involvement in what is happening in the country among young people, nothing good will happen. Young people will pack up and leave. And there will be no what we have been fighting for all these 25-30 years: our Belarus,” he underlined.

“You should remember that we are working for the benefit of the country. Therefore, I urge once again to carry out work in labour teams dealing with the forthcoming referendum. We must unitedly respond to all challenges and threats by participating in voting and adopting amendments and additions to the current Constitution.”