Posted: 16.05.2022 13:52:00

Lukyanov explained why Lithuanian and Latvian authorities don’t want their citizens to come to Belarus

Citizens of Lithuania and Latvia, arriving in Belarus on a visa-free basis, see that food prices are affordable in our country and the quality of food products is maintained at a high level. That is why the authorities of the Baltic States do not want their people to come to us, Aleksandr Lukyanov, the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union (BRSM), shared his views with Alfa Radio.

According to him, the decision to extend the right of visa-free entry, exit and stay in Belarus for citizens of Lithuania and Latvia until the end of 2022 is very important and timely.

“As far as the signs [calling Minsk ‘temporarily occupied’] are concerned, we can also place them [reading] ‘occupation of Washington is in the opposite direction’. But we don’t do this, we are smart people. For the most part, ordinary citizens of Lithuania and Latvia are far from these processes. They understand that it is necessary to live amicably and peacefully with their neighbours, and even more so in conditions where it is obvious that a food crisis is expected by autumn. According to various expert estimates, key commodity items – salt, cereals, meat, and dairy products – will rise 5-fold in price [in the Baltic countries]. <...> In this regard, the opening of a visa-free regime and its prolongation is a very efficient measure, enabling the citizens of Lithuania and Latvia can come to us and look at the standard of living and the quality of products, and this is a universally recognised Belarusian brand. Thus, horizontal ties will be formed,” the expert drew attention.

According to him, the citizens of Lithuania and Latvia will also be able to see at what level the country’s food security is built and that food prices in Belarus are affordable for people.

“It will be a very serious image advantage for our state and a political blow to the authorities in Lithuania and Latvia. As far as Poland is concerned, the economic situation there is stronger, but at the same time, Poles still come [to us] for fuel,” stated Mr. Lukyanov.