Posted: 07.07.2022 14:11:00

Lukashenko: while preserving our sovereignty and independence, we must do our best to liaise with Russia

The President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, stated this today, as he was reported by Vladimir Andreichenko, the Chairman of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly

“Now we have become very active in our work in the Russian direction,” Aleksandr Lukashenko noted. “Sovereignty and independence are sacred, as well as interests of the Belarusian people. But we must understand that Russia has global interests. Russia also has its own views on the development of Belarus. Today everyone has already understood what Belarus means for Russia and what Russia means for Belarus. In this regard, we will also have to step up. While maintaining our sovereignty and independence, we have to do our best with regard to economic interaction, with regard to our unity. We must do everything so that no one can throw a stone at us that we have not settled any issues in our relations with Russia.”

The Belarusian Head of State stressed that co-operation in the Russian direction, which is partly indicated in the adopted 28 Union State programmes, should also be stipulated in laws, “I underline once again, seeing our state in the future as sovereign and independent, we are smart enough to build normal relations with the Russians.”