Posted: 31.05.2022 11:38:00

Lukashenko: West uses high level of technology for confrontation with Belarus

The West uses an extremely high level of technology for its confrontation with Belarus – as stated by the President at today’s meeting on information policy improvement

Aleksandr Lukashenko noted that the meeting aimed to discuss a further strategy to counter modern threats in the field of national security since this issue remains topical these days.

“The pressure on us is increasing in this regard – so our counteraction should be appropriate,” the Head of State stressed, adding that the challenges Belarus faces today are not new.

“We have been building our state for almost a third of a century, and we are constantly exposed to ideological, informational, military and psychological threats. We are actually under the pressure of the collective West, Washington and its allies. Their intentions are known: to destabilise society, to change the constitutional system, and to bring to power the right people who are obedient to the West. The level of technology involved to implement these goals is very high,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

According to the President, people who follow the news are not always able to separate the truth from lies, “When you are not a real participant in the events and receive a huge amount of information in the form of lies and fakes, it is really difficult to separate the truth from lies.”