Posted: 02.07.2022 23:14:00

Lukashenko: West to stage new provocations against Russia and Belarus

The USA and the West failed to unite the whole world against Belarus and Russia, so they need new provocations – as stated today by the President of Belarus in the Palace of the Republic during a solemn meeting dedicated to Independence Day


“Overseas figures and the European Union, or rather NATO, stand behind all the events that push Ukrainians to fight to the last Ukrainian. They are primarily interested in keeping the war going so that we and the Russians be drowned in this war. Moreover, they want to get closer to their main rival – China – through Russia.”

According to Aleksandr Lukashenko, the United States failed to unite the whole world against us, “The Middle East, Pakistan, India, China, Africa, and the whole of Asia… Some are waiting but don’t support what NATO is doing in Ukraine, don’t support those actions that are drawing more and more people into this war. In fewer than 200 days this war has already killed probably 10 times more people than the war Afghanistan in 10 years. They need new provocations to show us, Belarusians and Russians, in a terrible light.”