Posted: 14.12.2023 13:10:00

Lukashenko: West befooled Zelenskyy

During a meeting with the heads of delegations participating in the 19th meeting of the CIS heads of security agencies and intelligence services, the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, touched upon Ukrainian issues


The Belarusian Head of State recalled how the armed conflict began, “Once, at the beginning of the war, inviting Volodymyr Zelenskyy to negotiations in Belarus (there were three rounds here), I told him that the war is on his land. He shouted to me that they were attacked by Russians, etc. Why did you provoke Russia? At first the Russian language was banned. Then you started strangling Russians, and then Russian-speaking people, and then in Odessa you started burning people. In Russia, Putin was pushed to protect his people. What should he have done?”

The Head of State gave a hypothetical example, “What if Mexicans behaved this way against American citizens in Mexico? America would have already crushed this Mexico.”

According to Aleksandr Lukashenko, many mistakes were made in the conflict from both sides, but today the situation has changed a lot, “Today the West is already in conflict with Ukraine, the entire border has been blocked. They are pursuing a brainless policy. There are all sorts of mistakes, but we are here to stop on time. Who is not ready to stop today? You know this.”

The President also reminded what he warned Zelenskyy about earlier, “If there’s a mess somewhere or some other reason, they’ll forget about you. Here we have: the Middle East, the internal situation in America. What happened? He is now walking with his hand outstretched, and they behaved vilely towards Zelenskyy. We know this. If you don’t know, I’ll inform you.”

The Head of State noted that today many criticise Zelenskyy for his arrogant behaviour for demanding support from the West. Meanwhile, it is obvious that he has reasons for this, “He doesn’t behave arrogantly. On the eve of the war, they sat down at the negotiating table, and Americans told Zelenskyy to fight until the last Ukrainian while they would finance him and supply weapons. Why don’t they supply? Why don’t they finance? He demands from them, just not publicly.”

The Belarusian leader summarised, “We need to come to an agreement. Nobody needs this disgusting situation. You know that today we, our close neighbours, Russia, are ready and have never refused talks. At first the West restrained Zelenskyy, now they say that if Zelenskyy agrees to negotiations, they are also ready. I mean that a new situation arose, and they befooled him. The way they did in Afghanistan. They will cling to the chassis and fall onto the airfield...”

At the same time, Aleksandr Lukashenko pointed out that an internal conflict is currently flaring up in Ukraine, “Today there is a severe conflict between President Zelenskyy and the military. It is necessary to raise my statements from six months ago and show where I said that the military would be the most serious opposition to President Zelenskyy. Nobody believed it. Why? Because military die at the front every day. They see what this leads to. Guys are grabbed on the street, given rusty machine guns and told to fight. What kind of war is it if a person doesn’t know how to fight? The number of prisoners of war increased. They surrender in groups. We see it, we record it.”