Posted: 11.06.2024 14:39:00

Lukashenko: we must hold presidential elections properly

The upcoming presidential elections in Belarus must be conducted properly – as stated by the President of Belarus, Chairman of the Belarusian People’s Congress Aleksandr Lukashenko, receiving a report from Central Election Commission Chairman Igor Karpenko

Speaking about the upcoming presidential election campaign, the Head of State stressed, “We’ll try to hold the elections in such a way that there is not a weak spot anywhere. Just like in previous years, there’s no need for us to put pressure on and use administrative resources. We are able to hold these elections honestly and decently, especially against the background of the ‘elections’ of our fugitives.”

The Belarusian leader noted that journalists often talk about elections among opponents: in particular, during the recent ‘elections’ just slightly above 6,000 people voted.

“And they view themselves as the elected ones. The ‘parliament’ was elected, they went to ask for money across cities and towns. Well, that’s their problem.… I’m just hinting that if they accused our government of being indecent and behaving dishonestly, using an administrative resource, what do they call it now? We must hold elections properly. People shouldn’t be offended – that’s the main thing. The elections are for the people, for our state,” Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed.

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In turn, Igor Karpenko informed the Belarusian leader that the CEC had studied the single voting day – conducted in our country – and had worked on mistakes. By the next single voting day, certain points will be adjusted.

“I can say with confidence that we do not need to change the electoral legislation for the upcoming presidential elections; it worked well on a single voting day, we tested it. We have adjusted some aspects and, I think, we will approach the presidential campaign with a high-quality commission and do the necessary work qualitatively, in line with the legislation,” the CEC Chairman assured.