Posted: 28.05.2024 12:54:00

Lukashenko: we must be ready for any provocations, including informational ones

In a period that was difficult for the country, journalists worked well in a team with law enforcement agencies, and their unity was so close that the created broadcasts have gone down in history as a guide to protecting the country's information sovereignty – as stated by President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko at Belarus’ Media Community Forum in Mogilev


“Of course, we are not relaxing. Moreover, we are focused on threats as much as possible,” the Head of State noted. “The reasons are known. We continue to be subjected to the most extensive hybrid pressure from the West in recent history. It is:

– political – through the promotion of the anti-Belarusian position in the international political and legal field;

– informational – through the radicalisation of extremist platforms;

– economic – through the promotion of a flywheel of sanctions and the adoption of new packages;

– military – through the attempts to involve Belarus in military conflicts.”

“We must be ready for any provocations, including informational ones,” the Belarusian leader stated, adding that the issue was discussed in detail at the Belarusian People’s Congress, where Belarus’ National Security Concept was approved.

Aleksandr Lukashenko explained, “The document identifies internal and external sources of threats in the information sphere. The necessary decisions have been made, the legal framework has been built, and measures have been provided to support the production of a national information product. The time has come to compare notes and specify the tasks.”