Posted: 25.04.2024 16:45:00

Lukashenko: we know exact locations of militant training centres in Europe

During the 7th Belarusian People’s Congress, Aleksandr Lukashenko raised the topic of the Americans preparing a ‘Belarusian liberation army’, relying on the so-called Kalinovsky regiment and other ‘volunteer formations’. According to the President, this issue is being closely monitored in the country.


“The Russian volunteer corps and the Belarusian volunteer corps hate Russia,” the Belarusian leader said. “These corps have been formed and interact strongly. For example, the recent attack on Belgorod was carried out by the Russian volunteer corps and the Belarusian volunteer corps. After artillery and missile strikes were carried out on these forces – according to some data there were more than 3,000 of them – many people died. We know for sure that all our so-called ‘volunteer citizens’ are buried in Ukraine.”

The Head of State added that the recruitment of radically minded Belarusian citizens into the relevant units also continues, as well as their training in Poland, the Baltic States, and other European countries. Moreover, Belarus knows the exact location of these training facilities and their number.

“They practice the acquired skills, including by participating in hostilities on the territory of Ukraine,” Aleksandr Lukashenko explained. “They would like to study in camps rather than to fight, but Ukrainians are not fools either, telling them to go to the front. Otherwise, they won’t be provided, so they fight.”