Posted: 19.08.2022 10:32:00

Lukashenko visiting Zhuravlinoe JSC in Pruzhany District

Another agricultural enterprise is in the schedule of the President of Belarus. Today Aleksandr Lukashenko is visiting Zhuravlinoe JSC in the Pruzhany District, paying attention to samples of domestic seeding machines, rapeseed cultivation technology, available varieties of this crop, as well as products made from it.

Moreover, the Belarusian leader plans to visit the machinery maintenance facility and get acquainted with how the technical feasibility of repair and maintenance of agricultural machinery is provided here.

Zhuravlinoe JSC specialises in milk production, raising pigs, cattle, as well as grain and rapeseed.

The machinery maintenance facility of Zhuravlinoe JSC in the Pruzhany District was built in 1974. Reconstruction was carried out in 2011. This facility is a territory fenced with a reinforced concrete fence with an area of 10 hectares with a gatehouse and a machine operator’s house.

On its territory there are maintenance facilities (for repairing tractors with an area of 800sq.m and for repairing agricultural machines with an area of 450sq.m), three hangars for the repair and storage of complex agricultural machinery and a landscaped area for storing agricultural machines. There are also boxes for storing combine harvesters, garages for trucks, a technical maintenance point, and a spare parts warehouse. There is also a workshop for the repair of fuel and hydraulic equipment, as well as a tyre repair area.

The field planned for sowing winter rapeseed is located at Vidnoe whose area totals 144 hectares. In 2022, triticale was cultivated on this site.

There are 64 tractors at Zhuravlinoe’s engine yard in the agro-town of Klepachi, including 20 power-packed tractors with an engine power of 250HP and more, of which 5 are imported from far abroad and 2 are Russian-made vehicles. There are 17 combine harvesters, including 13 grain harvesters (12 domestic and 1 imported) and 4 forage harvesters, 57 trucks, 21 loaders.