Posted: 08.08.2022 14:16:00

Lukashenko urges investors who built Miory Rolling Mill to return stolen funds

On meeting employees of the Miory Rolling Mill, the President of Belarus addressed the investors who are currently in custody as suspects in the commission of a crime


“I do not want to strangle or destroy anyone. Return the money that you have stolen here. We will then negotiate: either you will stay in prison or go to live somewhere, maybe in Miory,” the Head of State stated.

Aleksandr Lukashenko added that the plant would not be privately-owned from now on. “This is already a state-run enterprise. We have covered its debts and have taken it to the state ownership. If – over time – your children would like to privatise this plant, then this will happen not with me [in power]. There will be other leaders, and maybe they will agree on privatisation. I do not think it is necessary to do this now,” he said.