Posted: 13.05.2022 13:58:00

Lukashenko urges chairs of district executive committees to ensure iron discipline

When agreeing on the appointment of new heads of district executive committees, the President drew special attention of managers to diligence and discipline in labour teams. The Head of State underlined the complexity of the current situation, mentioning sanctions and different moods of some people. At the same time, according to Aleksandr Lukashenko, many have already come to their senses after 2020.


“You see it as well as I do. There are enough people who do not just think differently (thinking is not forbidden), but who are waiting for the right moment. You must see these people. Mobilise law enforcement around you. They must move in the right direction, primarily, in the direction that the executive committee creates on the spot. I emphasise once again: we need iron discipline!”

The Belarusian Head of State noted that, despite the weather conditions (it is raining), the sowing campaign is proceeding at an accelerated pace, “I see that people have made greater efforts since last autumn. Roughly speaking, the screws have been tightened. We have now good rains, but they hold back the sowing campaign a bit. Despite these weather conditions, people are working like never before. Why? Proper organisation. People saw what they could lose. There is a war there, there is some kind of movement on the western borders and so on. And people realised that it is better to work and to give results; otherwise, we will get serious problems. This speaks of the proper level of organisation, which must be maintained.”

The President underlined, “If there are proper organisation and discipline, we will solve all issues, especially in the agricultural sector. Food products are desperately needed. They are constantly rising in price, so use this moment.”