Posted: 22.09.2023 13:05:00

Lukashenko told what should become a personal investment project for every governor

Enormous investments have been made in the modernisation of Belarus’ livestock industry, and such work will continue – as stated today by President Aleksandr Lukashenko at the plenary session of the nationwide seminar dedicated to the development of animal husbandry in the country


The Head of State noted that half of all dairy farms (1,600) are equipped with the most modern technologies, housing over 65 percent of the dairy herd and producing more than 70 percent of milk.

“Consequently, we will bring others to this level, no matter how much they resist. We’ll continue to modernise livestock breeding facilities,” said Aleksandr Lukashenko.

For these purposes, a decree was adopted on the construction (reconstruction) of ten dairy complexes in each region in 2023–2024. However, according to the President, it is not enough to build a good building and install the latest equipment. It’s necessary to equip the complex with a highly productive herd, fully feed it and get a return. Therefore, Aleksandr Lukashenko set the task, “From today we will consider that these new dairy facilities are personal investment projects of chairs of regional executive committees. We’ll look at the results.”