Posted: 09.05.2022 18:35:00

Aleksandr Lukashenko told what it means to be a patriot

Talking to journalists on Victory Square in Minsk on May 9th, the Head of State thanked all those who came to Victory Square today to thank the veterans


The President started with the question of what it means for him personally to be a patriot, “To be a patriot of your country is to live in your country, love it and do everything for the prosperity of this country, no matter how trite it may sound.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko particularly spoke about the education of patriotism in the context of Victory Day, stressing that such holidays are the holding bonds for our country, “As you can see, new generations have already grown up: not one generation – at least three generations, even four. And this [memory of the Victory] cannot be erased due to our efforts as well.”

The President said that being on Victory Square on May 9th is very hard work, “It may seem like just one hour of work ... But I’m proud that I have this work because it is the most necessary and useful work. Standing there, I watched the sea of people, this vast ocean of people, and I thought that here is not only our word and our upbringing. We – Slavs – are such people. Until we get beaten up, we are relaxed and complacent, pleased with everything. And it was necessary to shake us up so that this ocean of people poured into the streets. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our Belarusians. Probably, there is not a single person left who would not come out in order to thank the generation that brought us Victory. Thank you all for remembering and coming to them. As we treat them, the same attitude our children will have to them.”