Posted: 09.05.2022 16:52:00

Lukashenko to Western politicians: you should stop teaching us

The West should stop teaching Belarus how to live and give us the right to determine our own policy – as stated today by the President during the wreath-laying ceremony at the Victory Monument on the occasion of the 77th anniversary of the Great Victory


“Leave us alone,” Aleksandr Lukashenko addressed the Western countries. “Don’t touch our holy land. It is saturated with the blood of our ancestors too deeply. And do not disturb our graves in your land. It’s not humane. For some reason, I don’t see Western ambassadors here who came to Khatyn, Trostenets. They asked me to meet them; they used to attend the Victory Day events on this square. Where are you? Why didn’t you come to pray and repent? Here is your face, here is your essence!”

The President urged politicians in the West to stop before it’s too late and stop their ‘brainless, stupid politics’, “Finally recognise our right to determine how to be friends with our Russia, with our Ukraine. This friendship is not against you. From such friendship there will be no trouble either for Poland, or Lithuania, or Latvia, or Germany or France. Everyone will benefit from this friendship. This concerns the supply of raw materials, energy carriers, transit of goods. There are no other ways – shorter and more reliable. Because we are neighbours who are not chosen, but are given by God.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed, “A world where everyone’s interests are respected is more reliable than momentary decisions about joining NATO or building a fence in the middle of Europe through the thousand-year-old forest of Belovezhskaya Pushcha. So where are you, environmentalists? Why are you keeping silence? Why don’t you go there to save animals that have lived for centuries and have seen no boundaries? Where are you? You are hypocrites and scoundrels. You are afraid to let people go there, because they will see dozens, maybe hundreds of graves of dead people who came to you at your call just recently across our border. You grabbed them, killed them and buried them in that place in the forest. Think! Think hard.”

The President noted that Belarus proposes to create the world together, like a neighbour, “But for this you must stop at least teaching us how to live. Think hard about this. Think about ways to bring to the attention of your leaders the things that really matter to the future of the planet. I would very much like my thoughts to be heard far beyond the borders of Belarus, primarily in the West. I think our Foreign Ministry has enough opportunities to do this.”