Posted: 02.07.2022 20:46:00

Lukashenko to veterans: you are our support and guide to future

During his speech at a solemn meeting in the Palace of the Republic, Aleksandr Lukashenko addressed the warmest and most sincere words to veterans and rear soldiers


The President of Belarus stressed that we owe everything we have to them, “We owe you our life, freedom, and independence. You are our support and guide to the future. It was on your shoulders that the native land stood and revived. After all, many of you were not even eighteen years old at that time. Moreover, in your early twenties, you already commanded detachments and developed military operations, revived cities and villages. You survived. Thanks to you, the country became the bastion that held back the onslaught of the fascist hordes and gave time to the huge Soviet country to mobilise. It was not in vain that our beloved Belarus choked with blood and died but did not give up in battles on nameless heights.”

The Belarusian Head of State continues, “When the Brest Fortress fought selflessly, when the soldiers of General Russiyanov burned Nazi tanks with Molotov cocktails near Ostroshitsky Gorodok, and the soldiers of Colonel Kutepov did it near Mogilev – this was also not in vain. Who knows, maybe just these tanks were not enough for the Nazis to win the main battle near Moscow.”

The Belarusian leader added that it is an indisputable fact that the success of the brilliant operation Bagration was influenced by an unprecedented resistance movement in Belarus, “Today, on the day which 78 years ago marked the beginning of Belarus’ liberation – occupied by Nazi Germany – many of us ask ourselves the question: how did you, our dear veterans, and your brother-soldiers withstand these incredible difficulties and trials? Could we do the same? A simple question with no simple answer. We, the older generation, look at our youth and think: God forbid they go through this. At the same time, we believe that they boast your strength, courage, love for the Fatherland and readiness to defend it.”

Addressing the veterans, Aleksandr Lukashenko assured, “We vow to do everything so that your feat lives for centuries, and each new generation of Belarusians knows that they have no right to forget the feat of their great ancestors. Happy holiday, dear veterans! A low bow to you!”