Posted: 07.07.2022 15:06:00

Lukashenko: those who work hard didn’t even notice Western sanctions

The Belarusian Head of State today agreed on the appointment of Nikolai Baligatov as Director of AGAT-Control Systems – Managing Company of Geoinformation Control Systems Holding. Addressing the new director, the President asked whether all the enterprises of the holding are working, whether they are profitable, and whether there is a demand for their goods.


Nikolai Baligatov reported that today all five enterprises are working rhythmically, fulfilling the indicators and business plans set by the State Authority for Military Industry, “Socio-economic development of enterprises is stable. We do not have two-day, three-day operating mode, or shortened working hours. Everything is going according to plan and is stable. The goods manufactured by the holding are in demand.”

According to him, the main task now is to finalise those points that are associated with the imposition of sanctions. The new director is optimistic, stressing that the current situation will only encourage the holding to work more efficiently and independently from the outside world.

Gennady Timoshevich was appointed Director General of the state-owned foreign trade unitary enterprise Belspetsvneshtechnika. He reported to the President, “The enterprise is familiar to me. We will continue to work to increase exports in our traditional markets. Obviously, there is a certain sanctions pressure. Therefore, some contractors are afraid to work directly. To improve this, we will involve our partner companies in order to naturalise the product and build logistics schemes.”

After the reports of the new heads, Aleksandr Lukashenko noted, “You know what situation we are in. The world is not without good people. Those who work hard did not even notice these sanctions. But if you feel that you have to do more somewhere, you should do it, finding new partners in the world and find a way out of the current situation. The most important thing for us is to produce, to replace what we bought. I do not think that our overseas and close Western partners made us rich in this regard. It is clear that this system is more closed and was not very susceptible to assistance from the West. They didn’t really want to sell us the best. Therefore, we need to manufacture our own components and spare part. I hope you will cope with this.”