Posted: 28.12.2023 12:33:00

Lukashenko: There are no someone else’s children in Belarus

During today’s charity event, held as part of Our Children campaign, the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, addressed adults – those who create this holiday for children every year

“Dear friends, I express my special thanks to all those who organise the events of Our Children charity campaign. It originated a long time ago, and much was talked about it. This is a great holiday, first of all, a holiday for our children. Thank you to all of you who support this tradition, encompassing the children of Belarus with attention and care. Moreover, we’re doing everything to ensure children who are fleeing war feel at home here. There are many of them, and this is really scary. This is such a hard ‘gift’ from adults to children. We see what is happening in different parts of our planet, and we are doing everything to ensure that those children who today do not have the opportunity to gather in a beautiful hall and talk to their president come to us and feel at home. There should be no children fleeing war. We must pick up these kids on time, bring them home, warm them up and make their childhood happier. I have said many times and will repeat that there are no someone else’s children in Belarus. They are all ours, they are our family. Belarus has been and will remain open to everyone who has lost peace in their countries.”

The Head of State assured that Belarus has provided and will provide assistance to such children, “These are children from whom the war is trying to steal their childhood. Today our children – Belarusian, Russian, Ukrainian, Palestinian, Latvian and many others – have gathered at the Palace of the Republic. On behalf of us, adults, and on behalf of all the children of our country, I want to welcome you all to this hall and congratulate you on the upcoming New Year. I wish you to be always healthy and happy, smile more and believe in the power of goodness. We’ll be next to you. Happy New Year, dear friends!”