Posted: 25.02.2024 14:14:00

Lukashenko: there are no open, honest, principled elections – like in Belarus – anywhere in the world

After voting in the elections on February 25th, the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, made a statement in his talk with the media representatives

Answering a question from Turkish journalists, the Head of State stressed that the United States and its allies demonstrate a selective approach to evaluating election campaigns in various countries, “Therefore, it must be borne in mind that Turks hold elections for the Turkish people, Belarusians – for the Belarusian, Russians and Chinese – for their own. We will do what is beneficial to our people, and the elections will show: any election, including ours, will answer many questions.”

The President stressed that there had been no clashes, attempts at clashes or riots during the current election campaign, “This is because we are able to draw conclusions from our mistakes. We see our mistakes and have drawn the appropriate conclusions.”

At the same time, Aleksandr Lukashenko noted that the United States is interested in unleashing small-scale conflicts around the world, “They want to solve issues like in Ukraine – with someone else's hands. In this case, there will be less talk about multipolarity. Only unipolar world will remain, and Americans, like a gendarme, will walk all over the planet with their hands covered with blood. Actually, the Turkish, Belarusian people and others do not need it.”

As for the statements of the West that it is in Ukraine that true democracy supposedly exists, Aleksandr Lukashenko asked a rhetorical question, “Do you need such a democracy? No one needs a war. That's what their democracy has led to. They have long forgotten what democracy and freedom are. Therefore, it is necessary to calm down and do what we need. Everything is being done in the interests of our own people. I will tell you absolutely sincerely and honestly: there are no open, honest, principled elections – like in Belarus – anywhere in the world! It is a holiday for us, and it has always been such – truly heartful. We are conducting a sincere, honest policy, and our elections are exactly the same. We need no wars or clashes. We need a quiet life, and we will do everything to ensure it. I often repeat, and this is an axiom: power should not be hold with trembling hands. No one will pass or present power to anyone, but this should be based on the people's trust in their leadership. The vast majority of our people trust the authorities today.”