Posted: 07.02.2023 11:43:00

Lukashenko: the state guarantees full return of bank deposits to population

The interests of depositors are protected in Belarus – as stated today by the President at a meeting on the draft law On Changing Laws on Banking Issues


“Belarus is almost the only country in the world that guarantees the population a full (!) return of deposits, regardless of the size and currency, in the event of a bank’s economic insolvency,” Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed.

However, according to him, life does not stand still. Technologies are developing, new challenges in the field of money laundering are emerging, cyber fraud is becoming more sophisticated, a new system of mutual settlements is being built, including in international trade.

“In a word, certain changes are overdue,” Aleksandr Lukashenko stated. “I’m afraid to get ahead of myself, but it seems to me that new powerful monetary unions will appear in the world in the near future, with a new reserve currency.”