Posted: 13.06.2024 14:21:00

Lukashenko: support of large families is top priority issue for new Labour and Social Protection Minister

Support for large families will remain one of the state priorities, and a system of assistance should be developed in the country so that money reaches every child and is not spent for other purposes – as stated by President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko on making personnel decisions today

In particular, the Head of State appointed Natalia Pavlyuchenko Minister of Labour and Social Protection (earlier, she worked as First Deputy Minister). The President stressed that it is important that the Labour and Social Protection Ministry will be headed by a woman. “She is more warm-hearted. It is now necessary to be a good leader. There will not be easy times,” he explained.

The President stressed that benefits and various privileges should not be distributed unwisely, “There is no extra money. Money must always be earned. We have already provided so many privileges to our population, that some people simply do nothing but wait for benefits.”

According to Aleksandr Lukashenko, certain approaches, including financial assistance to large families, need to be seriously reviewed, and all funds allocated by the state should reach children.

“We need to develop a system so that, by supporting large families (we will support them in housing and other aspects, this is the number one issue for us), we can establish a barrier and criterion to ensure that money reaches children. We need to treat these issues very carefully, not formally,” the Head of State noted.