Posted: 22.09.2023 18:00:00

Lukashenko summed up the results of the seminar on animal husbandry development in the country

Carrying out a competent personnel policy in the agro-industrial complex, creating comfortable working conditions for specialists and ensuring iron discipline are some of the key moments in the development of agriculture – as stated by the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, when summing up the results of the nationwide seminar dedicated to the development of animal husbandry in the Republic of Belarus


As far as working with personnel is concerned, the Head of State once again focused the attention of heads of all levels, “By the end of the year develop any measures that you consider necessary, determine the salary fund for managers and specialists. Specialists must be paid! We primarily ask specialists for the result. Both wages and housing come first... Personnel are the basis of everything.”

Another issue that the Belarusian leader drew a line under was targeted recruitment in the field of agriculture, “We need people to work locally. A significant remark was made [at yesterday’s meeting on the issue of improving the education system] that there is a subjective factor: you have begun to send not the best... I will adhere to the option of a target recruitment not only in agriculture. But you should select people who are more or less suitable, because we will look at results and academic performance. We can’t joke here; we can’t have the corruption component here. It is strictly forbidden to [release] young specialists who received employer-sponsored education (they reimburse the money, then left somewhere – not to Poland, but fled somewhere else). This shouldn’t happen. They came under an agreement, finished their studies and must return to the place with whom they entered into an agreement and work there. No one will run away if you firmly adhere to the contractual terms.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko also drew attention to the fact that all problems stem from a lack of discipline. According to him, discipline is not just smashing one’s fist down on the table, “You can smash your fist down on the table when you have developed a system and a scheme. But if there is no reasonable management and management system, why smash? Nobody will understand. Chairs of district executive committees and governors should develop a strict, clear system and act. Don’t wait for any instructions. If you make a mistake (the main thing is that there are no fatal mistakes), it’s always possible to forgive a person for a mistake if he strives to do well. But if he is inactive, why do we need such a leader? Take action! You are local generals.”