Posted: 30.09.2022 14:17:00

Lukashenko suggests Russian VEB.RF development corporation working more actively in Belarus, but with one condition

The President of Belarus has met with Chairman of the State Development Corporation VEB.RF Igor Shuvalov

Welcoming his guest, Aleksandr Lukashenko noted, “You are not only our long-time partner and friend of Belarus, but also the head of a large Russian, I would even say, international bank. I understand that the bank is actively developing, despite all the problems that our partners create for us there, on the other side.”

As far as the Belarusian-Russian interaction is concerned, Aleksandr Lukashenko noted that the bank is taking part in financing our enterprises and investment projects, including the Belarusian nuclear power plant. The President said that at a recent meeting with Vladimir Putin, these issues were discussed, “We touched on your bank and your personality ... I then asked him [the President of the Russian Federation] how you are doing. He replied that everything is ok and that nothing has changed. We had such a friendly discussion. I know that you can participate in the implementation of the projects we have outlined, including those dealing with import substitution, we have finally agreed on these issues. In short, we welcome your more active participation in the work in Belarus. We will support in every possible way. I also know that there is a desire to open a representative office in Belarus. We will help in every way. I think Vasily Matyushevsky [Chairman of the Board of Bank BelVEB who was present at the meeting], knows where to ‘land’ it. If not, please, we will fulfil any wishes.”


At the same time, Aleksandr Lukashenko set one condition, “You should work according to the rules defined in the banking sector, according to the laws that we have in Belarus. I know bankers are very careful in this regard, trying not to break laws. It is necessary to ensure that the bank, especially BelVEB, be a real Belarusian bank.”

The President recalled that he spoke about this with Vasily Matyushevsky three years ago during his appointment, “He promised that he would be a real Belarusian and a friend of the Russian Federation. On these terms, we will always agree.”